DeathBike Punkhead is a graphic designer/operator guy, who is into bikes, music, vectors and pixels. This website is a collection of my works. Hope you like it.

The name

Riding became a lifestyle through the years. All kind of bikes were ridden since 2005, but ‘peace’ was found while riding a fixed gear (DEATHBIKE).

My big love is music. There’s no bad music. Every music is good. Maybe you like it or not. My favorite genres are metal, punk, hardcore but the most important is the punk rock attitude, not what kind of music I listen to (PUNKHEAD).


In first hand I am a professional DTP operator guy. I can fix your graphics for any kind of production. But my head is full of bike and punk rock related stuff. Sometimes they pop-out and take shape as a t-shirt, button or sticker.


I started make buttons about 10 or 12 years ago. Print works also available up to size A3. If you are interested in buttons, stickers or prints get in contact, you can add my contacts on your device by downloading my vCard.


I have a GoPro action cam, and love to record local hardcore, punk shows. You can find my videos on my Youtube channel!

Social media

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter.

Ordering from webshop

Now I can recieve orders only from Hungarian customers. But I can send you the details how to get stuff from the shop via mail. Don’t hesitate, write to me.


Thank you for reading this whole stuff.

Take care





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